Our Story

Search for sustainability

As I started developing more of a conscience for sustainability and ethical fashion, I began my personal search for a more sustainable wardrobe. However, after searching many high-street stores, I was constantly disappointed with their "sustainable" sections. Their ranges for sustainable fashion were both very small and not as nice as their other ranges. This was frustrating. It meant for anyone who's also developing a conscience for sustainability and caring for the planet, your options for fashionable, ethical clothing were very small. 

So after some research, investigation, strategising and planning, I decided to launch Good Tee Co. An online-store for sustainable t-shirts with prints and designs that are on-trend.

Since then, we’ve been amazed at how many people are looking to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and so pleased to see trends gradually shifting away from fast to slow fashion. That’s even in the one year we’ve been operating since 2019.

Sustainable, ethical, beautiful.

All of our products are sustainably sourced and have the planet in mind at every step of the production process, whilst our designs are on trend and favour a minimal yet playful look.

Our tees are made with 100% organic cotton and our sweaters combine organic cotton with 15% recycled polyester. We source our garments from Stanley/Stella which are GOTS Organic certified and are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

The inks used for printing are all eco-friendly and vegan.

All of this and yet there is one more important step for us. We want to make it as easy as possible to make a positive first step into planet-friendly fashion, by keeping prices affordable. 

Helping businesses with ethical clothing

Since founding Good Tee Co. we've also had interest from festivals, cafés and other businesses asking us to supply their uniform. From staff café t-shirts to festival t-shirts, we've helped many businesses move their clothing towards more sustainable and ethical garments.  Click here to learn more.

Alongside all of this, I'm also married and have three wonderful daughters. We live in central Brighton and enjoy an ever sustainable lifestyle, whilst helping others into the journey of sustainable fashion.

Anna Brading
Good Tee Co Founder