What Is Sustainability?

You may have heard the term ‘sustainability’ being used a lot recently. If you’ve been around any of our other blogs you definitely will have! And you may even have a general idea of what it means to live sustainably - but if you’re anything like us here at Good Tee Co, you want to know more. This post is for anyone wanting to know why sustainability is important, who wants to discover what living sustainably looks like, and who could use a few hacks on where to start. Anyone wondering:

What is 'sustainability'?



Back To Basics

Put simply, if something is sustainable it is able to keep going how it’s going for a long time. It’s quality doesn’t get any worse as time goes on, and it isn’t in danger of suddenly stopping! Living sustainably, then, means that we live our lives today thinking about how it shapes the future. This includes choosing what to use and buy - and where and who to buy it from - in a way that treats people and the planet well now, so that our world is left in a good condition for future generations. That's the long term vision! But how do we make decisions today based off of what we want the world to look like years from now? It sounds nice, but how does it change what we actually do?

Thinking Long Term

Sustainable living takes a change in how we think, one that moves us away from doing what is easiest and cheapest for us right now. Instead, our attitudes need to move towards investing in what is good for the planet and world community in the long run. Easy and quick options are often ‘exploitative’ - they take out more than they put back in. This exploitation affects the environment and people. It happens when massive areas of rainforest are cut down so that businesses can use the land to make money, and when businesses have their products made in places where workers are paid very little, and work in very unsafe conditions. Switching to sustainable living could just be changing what we do because we’re told to, but we think it's better when this lifestyle change comes from a place of caring for our planet, and caring each other.

How To Start Living Sustainably

So how do we start? It can be hard to know what is sustainable, and on the flip side of that, what is unsustainable and might need changing! How do we know what we are doing that isn’t good for the long term? How can we know what to change to? And how do we make those changes? Well, the first step includes a bit of research. As the world has become more aware of the state of the planet, the internet has become a wealth of information about what is and isn’t sustainable - and we hope that you find our blog here on the Good Tee Co. site a helpful place to start.

To leave you with some easy, quick tips - we’ve found that getting better at recycling, trying to use less plastic, and trying to buy clothes that are made sustainably (like ours!) are three great places to start. It might seem like these are little things, one tiny piece of the puzzle and nothing compared to the big picture. But if everyone makes a little effort, all the pieces come together and we can collectively make a huge difference!


Go On The Journey With Us!

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