What Does Slow Fashion Actually Mean?

Wondering what slow fashion looks like in practical terms? Here are some pointers and ideas to get you inspired:

 Slow Fashion Sustainability fast fashion ethical


Made Well

This means finding brands who make their clothes in a way that:

1) Cares for our planet

2) Cares for the people that make them, with fair wages and good working environments

3) Uses materials that are good quality and will therefore last longer. The longer they last, the less the environmental impact our wardrobes have long term.


Chosen Carefully

Shifting from buying clothes we think we'll love, to clothes we know we'll love.  

Take time to choose. Try them on first or make sure you pick the right size. Does it go with the other items you already own? These are the things we need to be checking before we buy.

Not only are we choosing carefully for enjoyment, but also to find out how and where they were made. Is the brand transparent about their manufacturing process? Can you be sure the brand meets the ethical standards you want for your wardrobe?


Cared For

We can easily help our clothes last longer by caring for them well. Try a 30 degree wash and air dry instead of tumble dry. 

Master the Marie Kondo fold, (click for tutorial) so you can store them beautifully and keep them looking great.



The end might not be the end! Try mending instead of binning. This can be especially useful with much loved items like jeans. 

Not a dab hand with the sewing kit? No worries. There are excellent tailors who often charge a lot less then replacing the item for new.


Second Hand

Thrift/charity/vintage shops can be full of treasures. Sure, it may take a little longer to find what you are looking for, but we recommend going for basic items to start with and then expand from there. For example, charity shops can be brilliant for oversized knit wear to throw on over your outfit in the winter months or at a summer BBQ.


Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite? Let us know!