Strolling Into Winter


How are you feeling about heading towards the winter months? For some, it brings excitement and joy at the thought of walks through icy woods and mulled wine in the corner of an old pub.

For others it’s a bit more of a daunting prospect. As the days grow shorter and colder it can sometimes feel like all we are doing is counting down the days to spring.

Even if you aren’t a massive fan of the winter months, something fun to do at this time of year is sorting out your winter wardrobe. If you are like us, we pack everything away at the beginning of spring and then somehow totally forget what was in there. As you unpack, each item is a mini surprise.

It’s interesting to see which items last and which ones probably should have been recycled and not stored away all summer. 

Sadly, a lot of clothes these days aren't made to last. Fast fashion tells you not to bother storing things for the next year. Instead, just ditch them and buy new things. But this is a vicious cycle for you, for me, for the planet and for the people who are making our clothes.

One way of saving time, money and our planets resources, is to invest in key long lasting pieces. Items that have been made well and made to last. 

What are the legacy pieces in your wardrobe? Something you can look forward to getting out year after year knowing it will last?

Choosing plain, timeless colours and more classic styles for these pieces is a great way to ensure they can be worn to accompany every passing trend.

Here are some pieces that we love, from some brands who are doing some great things. Each of them have been responsibly made and made to last. 

Our hope is that you'll be inspired to dig out or plan for those legacy pieces in your wardrobe. 


Seville Hoops, Gold 

Gold Seville Earings

By Little by Little Jewellery



By Everlane
Thinking Mu-Phantom Elephant Pant Black from Klow
By Thinking Mu
By Veja Shoes
By Finisterre
By Nudie Jeans
By Good Tee Co.
 Roland V.2