Good Christmas Gifts


How good are you at finding the right Christmas gifts for your friends and family? Do you find it easy? Do you start early, knowing exactly what they’d like? Or, are you an over-thinker like me, putting it off so much you experience low level panic all through December? 

It seems that the introduction of secret Santa has served to elevate the pressure a tad. But even then, finding the right gift in the allotted budget can feel like an impossible task. Plus, there’s no help for anyone who picks their boss’ name out of the secret Santa hat. That’s game over. 

With the time and financial pressures, it can be tempting to rush to get the most convenient gifts we can. The problem is, when we stop to think about it, behind every ‘convenient’ purchase are a factory workers, being paid either a fair or unfair wage. There are raw materials that have been either sustainably sourced, or obtained at a cost to the planet. There is a process that requires energy and natural resources. 

What is convenient for us right now, may not be quite so ‘convenient’ for the planet or the people who made our gifts.

Do we put as much thought into how the gift was made as we do into getting the right gift to suit the person? I must admit, when I look at my Christmas list, sustainability isn’t always the first thing I think about. I just want to get it done. 

Surely, though, there is something to be said for rethinking this rushed approach. When we start to see our gifts as involving more people than just us and the recipient, or more than just a budget and an object, we are moving in the right direction. 

Now before we continue, let me say that this post is by no means intended to add to the stress of this busy season. There is actually some good news coming…

It just so happens that there is a happy friendship between gifts and sustainability. Sustainable gifts make better gifts all round. Fact.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Sustainable gifts tend to be more original and interesting than generic high street finds. Just think of some of the beautiful designs on Mass production and sustainability don’t really go hand in hand, so if you go down the sustainable route, you are likely to end up with a much more interesting gift.
  2. Sustainable gifts tend to be better quality. And good quality gifts don’t go unnoticed. Take an organic cotton sweater for example. As soon as the present is opened you can feel the difference and enjoy the difference for many wears. 
  3. Giving a sustainable gift can be a great way of showing someone that you have put that extra bit of thought into their present. It shows that you aren’t just ticking them off the list, but you care. Not just about them, but about others.
  4. There are lots of sustainable small brands that are starting out by making ‘small’ items. Basically, perfect gift items like candles, hats, scarfs, blankets, jewellery… So it’s not hard to find a gift item in the sustainable market. There’s plenty for everyone.
  5. Following from point 4, many items from small brands can be personalised, (because they are a small brand so they can do things like that). Whether that’s the wrapping or engraving or a personalised pin, again these are ways your gifts can stand out even more. 

There we have just a few thoughts on why sustainable gifts are better gifts, I’m sure you can think of more. 

What’s your approach to buying sustainably? Are you a pro or are you just starting to think about it this year? 

I thought a good way of ending this post would be to point you to some brands that have got some beautiful designs that make great gifts. These are a few brands we have seen recently in the flesh, so can wholeheartedly recommend. Do go check them out and maybe you can finish off that Christmas list!

@selfcarecompany Plant based candle makers. Look out for the Vetiver, cedar and bergamot. Wow.

@nicepearceramics Beautiful, handmade ceramics.

@turtlebags Great stocking filler.

@shiv_textiles Stunning woven pieces for the home that you didn’t even know you wanted.

@littlebylittlejewellery A gorgeous jewellery collection in which every piece is a winner.

@ruthmaryjewellery Another beautifully designed collection but Ruth also does commissioned pieces. Stunning.

Glasshouseuk (Esty) The most beautiful ornaments and decorations made of glass.