Finding Good Tee

Good tee was born from the idea that is possible to have fun with fashion, whilst loving the planet.

But, it's so hard! 

We live in a world where so much money is pumped into the big brands who give out very little information on how or where they make their products. Every day, countless adverts pass our eyes, tempting us with super cool new trends and threads. How many of them, though, are really leaning in to care for our beautiful planet? Often it's easier to ignore the problem and just buy the cool things anyway.

At good tee, we want to make it easier:

Easier to make an ethical choice
Easier to truly enjoy the clothes you purchase
Easier to find the information you need about the clothes you are purchasing
Easier to know how to make a difference
Easier to express yourself through fashion without the guilty conscience of never really knowing what it cost to make those clothes

So in building the brand and making the decision to open an online store, these things have been at the heart of the choices we have made at each step along the way. And out popped the good tee co.!

So how are we a to aiming to achieve this?

Firstly, we will offer transparency about how our garments were made, both on social media and on our website and blog.

Secondly, we want you to be a part of the journey. How do you think we are doing? Is there anything we could do better? Is there anything else you need to know? One of the beauties of being a small brand is that we have the freedom to move and evolve. Your feedback is key to making good tee co. what it could and should be. Come and be a part of our community by subscribing and following us at @goodteeco

Thirdly, we will keep adding more. What if good tee could grow beyond just sweaters, tees and bags? What if we could add more products, give you more of the things that currently aren't made ethically? We want to keep being that better option that you can rely on to bring you current trends without the cost to the planet.

Finally, we'll keep searching and asking the right questions. That's why we have started this blog. We want to keep you up to date with our discoveries as we find better ways of caring for our precious home.

We do hope you will join us on this adventure.

Big love from the good tee fam.